Watch The Video For The Lead Or Most Popular Single From The Album


After the success of, it was time to expand into Albums. The site has been set up in a similar to our other website.

simplyalbumz showcases Albums across music genres, not just pop music. Not designed as ” Yet another ” review site, it’s primary purpose is to show a brief history explaining the artist, Album and the lead / most popular single.

The site uses legally embedded videos, hosted on the artist’s YouTube channel, to give you a feel for their work. There are both Album and Singles Chart information ( if available ) and full tracklist. Each Album has been researched to give information to enlighten you if you are not familiar with the artist or the music, like a voyage of discovery.

The mission for simplyalbumz is not only to be informative but also entertaining and to help you discover new music along the way. New Albums are being researched and added regularly.

Simplyalbumz does not disguise ( cloak ) links to trick you, everything is above board. We don’t believe in the use video lockers which force you to like on social media before watching or annoying ads that suddenly pop up, ruining your experience.

We want you to enjoy the site, and the music featured. On the front page, videos are shown as newly listed, so those who like to explore music styles can watch and read about artists they’re not yet familiar. There is also a category list provided. You can also check out the Chart of the most popular Albums and get an idea of what others are looking at on the site.

Hopefully, you will find this site informative and entertaining and keep coming back to see what’s new. If you have any suggestions or ideas for how we could improve your experience, please use the contact form, we’d love to hear from you.

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