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Clouds Album is by Joni Mitchell, the Canadian singer-songwriter and producer.
Her second studio album was released on the 1st of May 1969 under the record label Reprise, now part of Warner Music Group.
All ten tracks were written by Joni Mitchell. Production for the Clouds album was by the singer with one track, ” Tin Angel ” produced by Paul A. Rothchild, who was an American record producer.
Best known for his work during the 1960s and 70s. Born in Brooklyn on the 18th of April 1935, he grew up in New Jersey. During his career, he worked with the likes of The Doors, Neil Young, Janis Joplin and the Lovin’ Spoonful. Paul A. Rothchild died at the age of 59 from Lung Cancer on the 30th of March 1995.
Joni Mitchell recorded the album at A&M Studios in Hollywood, California, United States. Built-in 1917 by film star Charlie Chaplin, the studios were later converted from a film into a music production facility.
During the recording sessions, for which Joni Mitchell played both acoustic guitar and keyboards, she was joined by Stephen Stills who also played the guitar.
The Clouds album has been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America ( RIAA ) for shipments of half a million in the United States. In 1970, Joni Mitchell received a Grammy for Best Folk Performance for the album.
Reviews for the Clouds album have been positive since its release. In a review on the 27th of September 1969, now-defunct British music newspaper, Melody Maker, wrote ” Joni sings beautifully and with great feeling throughout, and her songs are underlined by simplicity and lucidity. “
Cashbox, a former US music magazine, dated the 31st of May 1969 called Joni Mitchell ” one of the most talented of the contemporary singer-songwriters “, adding that ” her new LP deserves careful attention “.
Retrospectively reviewing for the British newspaper, The Guardian, Kat Lister called it ” a magical, immersive experience “.
The most popular song from the album, ” Both Sides, Now “, was first recorded and released by American singer-songwriter Judy Collins in October 1968.
It has also been covered by many recording artists including Frank Sinatra and country music legends Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson. Joni Mitchell re-recorded the song for the Both Sides Now album, released in February 2000.
Inspiration for the lyrics came from a passage in a 1959 novel by Saul Bellow titled Henderson the Rain King.
” Both Sides, Now ” gave Judy Collins a chart hit. In the United States, the single peaked at number eight on the 21st of December 1968 and spent eleven weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.
In the United Kingdom, the single entered the UK Singles Chart on the 17th of January 1970 and reached number fourteen. It spent three weeks in the Top Twenty and eleven weeks in the Top 100.
It also made thirty-seven in Australia, seven in New Zealand and six in Canada.
The Clouds album became a commercial success for Joni Mitchell. In the United States, on the 19th of July, the album peaked at number thirty-one on the Billboard 200. It also reached number twenty-two in Canada.

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About Joni Mitchell

Roberta Joan ‘Joni ‘ Mitchell is a Canadian singer, songwriter and producer. She was born on the 7th of November 1943 in Fort MacLeod, a town in the province of Alberta, Canada.
After moving to the cosmopolitan city of Calgary to study art, she then moved to Toronto, Ontario, in 1964.
In 1965, she married folk singer Chuck Mitchell. The two began performing together in coffee houses and folk clubs.
After their marriage and partnership fell apart in 1967, Joni Mitchell moved to New York to pursue a career in design and fashion.
During this time she found success on the New York folk circuit. She gained a reputation as an influential songwriter and live performer.
The interest in her music led to Joni Mitchell being signed to the Reprise record label. Her debut album, Song to a Seagull, was released on the 23rd of March 1968.
Recorded during 1967 at Sunset Sound Recorders in Hollywood, California, it was produced by David Cosby, a founding member of Cosby, Stills & Nash.
By the time her second album had come out, Joni Mitchell had proved her ability to write songs that others wanted to record.
Most critics still believed she was more a songwriter than a vocalist, her third album, Ladies of the Canyon, changed that perception.
Released during April 1970, the album features some of her most notable songs like ” Big Yellow Taxi ” and ” Woodstock “. The latter, inspired by the famous music festival of 1969, was written from the perspective of a concert-goer. In fact, Joni Mitchell never attended the three-day event.
Her success continued into the 1970s with the release of the album, Blue, which taken critical acclaim.
More albums followed and in 2007, she achieved a Billboard 200 number fourteen with Shine, her nineteenth album.
Joni Mitchell’s influence on other recording artists is well known. Many of today’s most successful recording artists like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding cite her as a significant influence.
In 2015, Joni Mitchell suffered a brain aneurysm, a condition resulting from ballooning of a blood vessel in the brain. Today she makes very few public appearances due to health problems.
To date, Joni Mitchell’s Album releases are nineteen studio, two live albums and nine Compilations. She has also released thirty-three singles.
As a multi-award-winning recording artist, Joni Mitchell has won nine Grammys, one ASCAP Pop and three Juno Awards.

Clouds Album Track Listing:

1. Tin Angel
2. Chelsea Morning
3. I Don’t Know Where I Stand
4. That Song About the Midway
5. Roses Blue
6. The Gallery
7. I Think I Understand
8. Songs to Aging Children Come
9. The Fiddle and the Drum
10. Both Sides, Now

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    jessie g2 months agoReply

    A good early album from one of my favourite singer-songwriters

  2. author
    jon 2 months agoReply

    I have been a huge fan of Joni Mitchell for years but never listened to the clouds album, glad I did. Some good tracks

  3. author
    dustin 2 months agoReply

    It’s amazing what Joni Mitchell can do with just a guitar, great songwriter

  4. author
    james 2 months agoReply

    Got this for my dad, not to my liking but he plays it often

  5. author
    Curtis Terry2 months agoReply

    The clouds album is not her best, Joni did far better later, some good songs though

  6. author
    Erik 2 months agoReply

    Highly recommend Joni Mitchell, her songwriting is still relevant even today

  7. author
    Alma G.2 months agoReply

    Love this album, first bought it a few years ago at a record fair. The clouds album is a timeless classic

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