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Deep Forest Album is by Deep Forest, the French music group.
Their debut album was released in July 1992 under the record label 550 Records. The label, now defunct, was absorbed into Sony Music Entertainment.
The album features eleven tracks, fifteen on some pressings.
The Deep Forest album was co-produced by Guilain Joncheray and Dan Lacksman. Guillain Joncheray is a Grammy-nominated French producer, composer and music director.
He was born in Angers, a town in the West of France on the 28th of March 1963. Along with his work with Deep Forest, Guilain Joncheray has co-produced the world music project Dao Dezi with Eric Mouquet.
Dan Lacksman is a Belgian producer, composer and sound engineer. He was born on the 19th of May 1950 in Werl, a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. He has worked in many genres including jazz, classical, rock, pop and dance.
The Deep Forest album is a mix of electronic music and field recordings taken from the Solomon Islands, Burundi, Tibesti, the Sahel and Democratic Republic of the Congo, the second largest country in the continent of Africa after Algeria.
The idea behind the project was to bring awareness of the vanishing culture of the Eve tribe of Pygmies who inhabit the rainforests of the Congo.
The album has been certified Platinum in France, New Zealand and the United States. In Australia and Greece, it has gone 2x Platinum with Gold in Norway and the United Kingdom. Worldwide sales are estimated to be over three million copies.
The Deep Forest album received positive reviews from music critics. Writing for Ambient musicguide, user Mike G called it ” genuinely touching and quite unforgettable “.
In a review for Rateyourmusic, user AvidMusicFan wrote: ” its blend of tempos and styles means that it might well work as a good introduction to what the band has to offer “.
The most popular single, ” Sweet Lullaby “, was released on the 15th of November 1992. The composition is built around a vocal sample of a woman known as Afunakwa singing a traditional lullaby from the Solomon Islands.
In the United States, ” Sweet Lullaby ” peaked at number seventy-eight on the 5th of March 1994 and spent eight weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.
In the United Kingdom, the single entered the UK Singles Chart on the 5th of February 1994 and reached number ten. It spent one week in the Top Ten and seven weeks in the Top 100.
It also reached the Top Twenty in France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Norway and Australia. In Germany, the single peaked at thirty-one.
The Deep Forest album became a commercial success for the music duo. In the United States, the album peaked at number fifty-nine on the 12th of March 1994 and spent twenty-five weeks on the Billboard 200.
In the United Kingdom, the album entered the UK Albums Chart on the 26th of February 1994 and peaked at number fifteen. It spent two weeks in the Top Twenty and twenty-one weeks in the Top 100.
In Australia, the Deep Forest album reached eighteen on the ARIA chart.

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About Deep Forest

The Deep Forest project was formed by French producers and composers Michel Sanchez and Éric Mouquet.
The idea was born after Michel Sanchez heard recordings of Baja Pygmy tribes speaking. The duo began working on mixing the recordings with modern dance beats and samples.
After the success of their debut album, which was nominated for a Grammy, the duo donated a percentage of the sales to the Pygmy Fund.
The Fund was formed to help the Pygmy tribes of the Democratic Republic of Congo with healthcare and other issues.
Later albums feature music and cultures of countries like Hungary, Madagascar and Africa, with further donations made to their respective charities and foundations.
In 1995, Deep Forest won a Grammy for Boheme, an album that sampled Gypsy songs from Eastern European countries.
Their most successful release, it sold over four million copies worldwide. To date, the duo has sold over ten million records since their debut.
Michel Sanchez left the duo in 2005 to pursue other projects while Éric Mouquet continues to produce under the original name.

Deep Forest Album Track Listing:

1. Deep Forest
2. Sweet Lullaby
3. Hunting
4. Night Bird
5. The First Twilight
6. Savana Dance
7. Desert Walk
8. White Whisper
9. The Second Twilight
10. Sweet Lullaby ( Ambient Mix )
11. Forest Hymn ( Japanese bonus track )

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