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F*ck You Album is by Annamay, the Swedish singer-songwriter.
Her debut album was released on the 29th of March 2019 under Spinnup, Universal Music’s digital music distribution service for unsigned artists.
Recorded at Awesound Studio, Bålsta, Sweden, the F*ck You album features eleven tracks with influences from pop, pop-rock, folk and country genres.
In a press statement, Anna-Maria said the album has personal meaning to her: ” The songs on the debut album all reflects events that in some way gave my life a new direction or meaning. ”
Anna-Maria co-wrote four of the songs ” Gonna Wake Up One Day ” with Tom Kimmel, ” Torn Between Two Suns ” and ” Disparage Me For Nothing ” with Rickard Forsman and ” One Step Behind ” with Björn Zetterqvist.
Rickard Forsman also plays acoustic guitar on the album with piano and keyboards performed by Annika Olsson Ennart, the Awesound Studio crew providing Drums, electric guitar, slide guitar and vocal harmonies.
Upon release, the F*ck You album received positive reviews. Randall Radic, writing for Tattoo.com called it ” a very strong debut album. ” He likened Anna-Maria’s vocal delivery to Joni Mitchell, the Canadian Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter best known for her 1970 hit single, ” Big Yellow Taxi “.
The track, ” Surf Through Life “, was released in April 2019. Written and performed by Annamay, it has a slight rock feel in the composition. Lyrically the song is about surfing big waves in Australia.
It was published on the 10th of April 2019 to her YouTube channel and at the time of writing is her latest release from the F*ck You album.


About Annamay

Anna-Maria, who uses the stage name Annamay, was born in Åre Jämtland County, Sweden. The area is popular with tourists for downhill skiing and biking, it has played host to the Alpine World Championships on three occasions. Now based in Stockholm, Sweden, she works as a level engineer specialising in underground infrastructure and urban planning. Annamay started writing songs and learning music at the age of ten. Her music is a mixture of pop, Pop-rock, folk and country.
Her lyrics are based around feelings of truth, freedom and female empowerment. The singer-songwriter says that her music inspires her to ” live life to its full potential “. Annamay supports organisations that help people who are in need and is a champion of environmental issues.

F*ck You Album Track Listing:

1. Im Gonna Wake up One Day ( feat. Tom Kimmel )
2. See Me Now
3. Disparage Me for Nothing
4. One Step Behind ( Radio Edit )
5. F**k You
6. Torn Between Two Suns
7. Grab the Moon
8. Surf Through Life
9. Lonely Secret
10. Give Me a Day
11. Missing

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  1. author
    David Knight3 months agoReply

    nice song, good video.

  2. author
    Violet Reyes3 months agoReply

    Like others have said, i’m not familiar with this singer, however i like it

  3. author
    Ruby Vega3 months agoReply

    Just listened to this through your site, very good

  4. author
    eva garrett4 months agoReply

    Sweden has some good singers and song writers, Annamay is great, i like her style

  5. author
    marian nichols4 months agoReply

    F*ck You album is a must for anyone who loves singer songwriters, a new artist yes but one to watch

  6. author
    mamie o4 months agoReply

    great voice, does sound a bit like Joni Mitchell, a bit sort of folkish

  7. author
    Stephen G4 months agoReply

    Annamay is not an artist i have heard of before, a good debut album though

  8. author
    chris lindsey4 months agoReply

    you seem to recommend the single surf through life, it’s not the strongest on the album

  9. author
    Alejandro J.4 months agoReply

    this album is really good, i like the songs.

  10. author
    sylvia norton4 months agoReply

    never heard of this singer before, very good

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