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Get Ready Album is by 2 Unlimited, the Dutch Eurodance group. Their debut album was released on the 24th of February 1992 under the record labels Byte in Belgium, ZYX in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and PWL ( Pete Waterman Limited ) in the UK.
It was produced by Phile Wilde, Jean-Paul de Coster and Peter Bauwens. The album was initially divided into three separate parts, splitting the record into Vocal, Instrumental and Romantic.
The versions released in the United States and the United Kingdom had most of the instrumental tracks deleted, favouring two extended versions of ” Get Ready for This ” and ” Twilight Zone “, with remixes of varying length.
The Get Ready album came in three different versions depending on the release zone, with the exclamation mark dropped for the US and UK markets. In Europe, it featured fifteen songs, and for the LP version, there was a reshuffle the tracks, with the instrumental part being dropped.
The tracks were labelled ” Vocal Part ” for 1-7, ” Instrumental Part ” for 8-13 and ” Romantic Part ” for 14-15. In the United Kingdom, the album contained fourteen songs with vocal tracks known as ” Rap ” and instrumental tracks unlabelled.
For the LP and cassette releases of the album, tracks 13 and 14, known as the ” Romantic ” Part, were dropped. The version of The Get Ready album released for the United States and Canada market differed from the European and UK releases, with ” Pacific Walk ” added.
In a retrospective user review for AllMusic, the reviewer gave it four stars and suggested that ” Any true techno/EDM/electronic fan must give it a listen if only because of its historic value. ”
The lead single, ” Get Ready for This “, was released in September 1991. The single originally intended to be instrumental with the name Orchestral Mix, the producers felt the project needed to be more accessible for the record buying public.
They asked frontman Ray Slijngaard to write lyrics and add rapping over the track. Ray agreed and requested that Anita Doth joined the project, adding vocals. 2 Unlimited’s release of the single in the United Kingdom omitted vocals except for ” Y’all ready for this? “, sampled from ” It’s Funky Enough “, by the American rapper The D.O.C.
” Get Ready for This ” became a successful release for the duo. In the United States, the single reached number thirty-eight on the 8th of April 1995 and spent thirty-four weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. It also reached number fourteen on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart.
In the United Kingdom, ” Get Ready for This ” entered the UK Singles Chart on the 5th of October 1991 and peaked at number two. It spent seven weeks in the Top Ten and fifteen weeks in the Top 100. The song also peaked at number two in Spain and Australia. 2 Unlimited also took the song into the Top Ten in Belgium ( Flanders ), Ireland and the Netherlands.
The Get Ready album became a commercial success for 2 Unlimited. In the United Kingdom, the album entered the UK Albums Chart on the 7th of March 1992 and peaked at number thirty-seven. It spent one week in the Top Forty and three weeks in the Top 100.
Elsewhere, 2 Unlimited’s debut peaked at number twelve in the Netherlands, twenty-seven in Sweden, ten in Australia, eighty-five in Japan and seventeen in Canada.


About 2 Unlimited

2 Unlimited is a Eurodance act consisting of rapper Ray Slijngaard and vocalist Anita Doth. The project was formed in 1991 by Belgian record producers Jean-Paul DeCoster and Phil Wilde.
Their debut album, Get Ready!, was released on the 24th of February 1992. It reached number twelve in the Netherlands, ten in Australia, seventeen in Canada, eighty-five in Japan, twenty-seven in Sweden, thirty-seven in the United Kingdom and 197 in the United States.
The duo achieved sales of over 18 million units worldwide and are one of the Netherlands most successful groups.
Although they went their separate ways in 1996, an announcement was made in July 2012 that Ray Slijngaard and Anita Doth had joined producer and brand owner Jean-Paul DeCoster to restart the project.
Four years later, on the 20th of April 2016, the duo announced that vocalist Anita Doth would leave to pursue a solo career at the end of that year.
Ray Slijngaard revealed on his Facebook page on the 13th of August 2016 that her replacement would be Kim Vergouwen.
To date, 2 Unlimited’s Album releases are four studio albums, five Compilations. They have also released twenty-two singles and twenty-one music videos.
Despite criticism from the media during their 90s heyday, 2 Unlimited remains a favourite with the clubbing generation of that decade and have found a new following with today’s clubbers.

Get Ready Album Track Listing:

1. Get Ready for This ( Orchestral Mix )
2. Twilight Zone ( Club Mix )
3. The Magic Friend
4. Contrast
5. Desire
6. Pacific Walk
7. Workaholic
8. Rougher Than the Average
9. Delight
10. Eternally Yours
11. Twilight Zone ( Rave Version Edit )
12. Get Ready for This ( Vocal Version )
13. The Magic Friend” ( Instrumental )
14. Workaholic ( Instrumental )

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