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Into The World Of Dreams Album is by Tony Stockwell, the English Psychic medium.
The album was released on the 7th of September 2018 under New World Music record label which was started in 1982 by Colin Willcox. The record company is based in Halesworth, Suffolk, England and provides music for meditation and relaxation.
Production for the album was by Richard Newall, the British record producer and owner of One Voice Music, meditation and spiritual record label based in Benfleet, Essex, England. Along with Tony Stockwell, he has worked with Thelma Francis and Eamonn Downey, Jackie Wright and Mavis Pittilla.
The Into The World Of Dreams album features six tracks beginning with an introduction and explanation to guide parents and guardians.
The album is aimed at children ( hence the introduction ) and uses safe meditation to provide a calm setting to aid the sleep of the child.
By using the meditations on this album, a child can benefit from enhanced learning, better ability to concentrate, increased self-awareness and enjoy an overall sense of general well-being.
Studies have shown that meditation for children can help deal with anxiety that may come from within or outside of the home environment.
There have also been cases where a child has benefited from meditation in social and emotional development, lower blood pressure, depression and a decrease in stress hormones. In an article by Alice G Walton for, the use of meditation for aiding child development is growing in popularity with parents, especially in a world with increasing peer pressure that children of twenty or thirty years ago didn’t have to deal with.
Track four is a Happy And Strong affirmation, it uses relaxing background music and instructs the listener to repeat the positive statement of ” I Am Good, I Am Strong, I Am Happy. “
The Into The World Of Dreams album has been described as ” A wonderful first step into creative spirituality. “

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About Tony Stockwell

Tony Stockwell was born in Walthamstow, East London, England. The Psychic medium, author and TV personality, whose career has spanned thirty-years, is internationally renowned for his work in the field.
As a young child Tony Stockwell grew up knowing he had Psychic abilities. He could predict events before they happened, something that appeared normal to him.
At the age of sixteen, a friend invited him to attend a local Spiritualist church. He witnessed a Medium at work, and from there on he decided to make a career out of his Psychic talent.
During his career, Tony Stockwell has had thirteen national tours in the United Kingdom, and along with Medium Colin Fry, he has toured extensively in New Zealand.
His work takes him regularly to the United States, Spain, Holland, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand.
His first book, Spirited, was published in October 2004. It sold out and went to a reprint within the first month of publication.
In addition to his albums and books, Tony Stockwell has enjoyed a successful television career. To date, he has had four solo television series, three on the Living TV, The Psychic Detective, Street Psychic and Psychic School, with Psychic Academy on the BIO channel.
He has also produced two one-off specials called Street Psychic San Francisco and The National ESP Challenge.

Into The World Of Dreams Album Track Listing:

1. Introduction And Explanation For Parents-Guardians
2. Journey To The World Of Dreams
3. Journey To The Stars
4. Affirmation – Happy And Strong
5. Affirmation – Healthy And Well
6. Affirmation – Light And Beautiful

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