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Out Of The Depths Album is by Terry Oldfield, the English composer, a pioneer of New Age music and brother of Sally and Mike Oldfield, of Tubular Bells fame. The album was released in 1993 under the New Earth record label.
The haunting song of the whales takes you on a journey to explore the very depths of your being. The flute playing by Terry Oldfield effortlessly connects you with the music of these astonishing wonders of nature, drawing you into deep communion, a powerful healing, meditation and relaxing experience.
The Out of the Depths album consists of three suites, each one a blending new age, ambient music with the delicate and soothing vocals of Imogen Moore and sounds of whales.
Throughout the experience, Out Of The Depths will carry you along through the ocean, travelling a path which the whales have followed for millions of years.
The female vocals featured are based on the Biblical Psalm 129 ( De Profundis ), although a religious text, the smart way Terry Oldfield has used the Psalm means the appeal of this album is broad and will appeal to those looking for deep meditation and those needing relaxing background music.
The first track, which lasts 25 minutes, contains powerful yet delicate and relaxing vocals. The second track is instrumental, the main melody mixed with the beautiful sounds of the whales.
The third track repeats the vocals from track one; however, the composition is set to a different instrumental.
Overall, Out Of The Depths is an album that takes you on a journey and provides an atmosphere of deep relaxation, a way to switch off entirely from modern life and balance your inner self. Using the help of the whales, one of mother nature’s most beautiful creations, you can rebalance your life.

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About Terry Oldfield

Terence Oldfield was born on the 12th of August 1949 in Palmers Green, North London, England.
At 16, he left school to become a roadie for various bands. Terry taught himself to play the flute and undertook formal training for the tabla, a small pair of drums that originated from the Indian subcontinent.
During the early part of the 1970s, Terry teamed up with his brother, Mike, to form Barefoot. They played gigs of rock’n’roll at colleges and clubs up and down the United Kingdom.
Terry Oldfield’s career began to take off when he was commissioned by the BBC to compose the music for Great Railway Journeys of the World, a series which first aired in 1980. He has since then composed music for many film and TV productions.
To date, Terry Oldfield’s Album releases are forty-four studio albums. He has received two Emmy nominations for Land of the Tiger and Twilight of the Dreamtime and a British Academy of Film and Television Arts ( BAFTA ) nomination for the BBC series Kingdom of the Ice Bear.

Out Of The Depths Album Track Listing:

1. De Profundis – Terry Oldfield
2. Out Of The Depths – Terry Oldfield
3. Hear My Plea – Terry Oldfield

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