Pop Music Playlist Weekly Updated By iTunes Editors

Pop Music Playlist Weekly Updated By iTunes EditorsPop Music Playlist is a weekly updated pick by editors of iTunes of the best pop music for the last seven days.
Pop music is generally thought to have originated during the mid to late 50s in the United States and the United Kingdom. Although much of the music that is present on music charts around the world is considered to be pop music, the genre is different from chart music. Pop music is a diverse range of styles that borrow from other types like urban, dance, rock, Latin and country. The form can usually be defined by short to medium length songs that use repeated choruses, melodies and hooks.
The biggest-selling pop album of all time is Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Released on the 30th of November 1982, it has sales of over sixty-six million worldwide. Thriller is the only album in history to be certified 30x multi-Platinum by The Recording Industry Association of America ( RIAA ).
The biggest-selling pop single of all time is Bing Crosby’s White Christmas. Written by Irving Berlin in 1940 and released in 1942, it has estimated cumulative worldwide sales of over 100 million. Although some have questioned whether White Christmas beats Elton John’s tribute to the late Princess Diana, Candle in the wind, the Guinness World Records concluded that White Christmas is, in fact, the biggest seller of the two. Bing Crosby released the single before the official charts started in the 1950s, so they declared both to be winners. Elton John’s single is the best selling since the US and UK charts began, not as some claim the all-time best seller.
The Playlist featured here is a showcase for the music across the decades, a right way to get introduced to the music if you are new to the genre. The pop music Playlist is updated each week automatically, giving you a good selection of the classic and new tracks.


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