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Soundscapes for Awakening Album is by Terry Oldfield, the English composer and pioneer of New Age and healing music. The album was released on the 19th of November 2018 under the record label Global Spirit Records.
The Soundscapes for Awakening album is made up of ten tracks of original, improvised compositions. Each track is based on the ten Ox Herding pictures of Zen, also known as Ten Bulls, with the best-known examples thought to have emerged sometime during the 12th century in China.
A sequence of short poems, the ten Ox Herding pictures are used in the culture of Zen. Along will illustrations, they define the different stages of the practitioner as he or she moves towards enlightenment, later returning to civilisation to share newly gained wisdom and kindness.
For the album, Terry Oldfield skillfully plays his instrument of choice, the Bansuri Flute, which he has been playing since he was nineteen years old. Traditionally, the Bansuri Flute is created using a single piece of hollow bamboo. Side-blown, it has typically six to seven finger holes.
The Bansuri flute originated from the Indian subcontinent and is often used in the visual images and symbols of Krishna, the Hindu god. The flute is also portrayed in paintings and reliefs found in ancient Buddhist, Hindu and Jain temples.
Terry Oldfield expertly bends the notes and varies the pitch to give each track a spiritual meaning, similar to speech. The Soundscapes for Awakening album is a journey of inner discovery and peace. Each track has been composed in such a way as to lead the listener along their own Spiritual Path.
Terry Oldfield explained the inspiration behind the album saying that it ” represents the awakening of a deep sense of ‘ Longing ‘ for something deeper in life. Something that seems to be missing somehow from our experience. “
The first track is ” A Path With No End “. On his website, Terry Oldfield explained that the single was ” recorded ‘ In the Moment ‘ from a place of emptiness that happens in true Meditation. “

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About Terry Oldfield

Terence Oldfield was born on the 12th of August 1949 in Palmers Green, North London, England.
At 16, he left school to become a roadie for various bands. Terry taught himself to play the flute and undertook formal training for the tabla, a small pair of drums that originated from the Indian subcontinent.
During the early part of the 1970s, Terry teamed up with his brother, Mike, to form Barefoot. They played gigs of rock’n’roll at colleges and clubs up and down the United Kingdom.
Terry Oldfield’s career began to take off when he was commissioned by the BBC to compose the music for Great Railway Journeys of the World, a series which first aired in 1980. He has since then composed music for many film and TV productions.
To date, Terry Oldfield’s Album releases are forty-four studio albums. He has received two Emmy nominations for Land of the Tiger and Twilight of the Dreamtime and a British Academy of Film and Television Arts ( BAFTA ) nomination for the BBC series Kingdom of the Ice Bear.

Soundscapes for Awakening Album Track Listing:

1. A Path With No End
2. Footprints in the Forest
3. First Awakening
4. Whispers in the Wind
5. Seeing Our True Nature
6. Beyond Words
7. Coming Home
8. The Empty Sky
9. The Gateless Gate
10. Entering the World

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  1. author
    Ralph 4 weeks agoReply

    If you have trouble sleeping, put this on low in the background and drift off

  2. author
    Julian Flores4 weeks agoReply

    10/10 for Terry Oldfield

  3. author
    Mitchell 4 weeks agoReply

    A good stress buster, well worth buying

  4. author
    victoria allen4 weeks agoReply

    OMG, never heard this before, love it

  5. author
    angel h4 weeks agoReply

    One word, beautiful

  6. author
    Eula Vaughn1 month agoReply

    Peaceful and relaxing, like it

  7. author
    Mabel 1 month agoReply

    Soundscapes for Awakening Album is by far the best byTerry Oldfied so far, I have a few and this is way better than anything he’s done before

  8. author
    isabella h1 month agoReply

    What a beautiful album, dim the lights, put this on and immerse yourself

  9. author
    Anne 1 month agoReply

    A relaxing experience, perfect for unwinding after a busy day at work

  10. author
    ina p6 months agoReply

    i was introduced to the album by a friend, having never heard of Terry Oldfield before i’m now a fan and have just bought it

  11. author
    marie 6 months agoReply

    Out Of The Depths album is one of the better New age albums out there. Terry Oldfield knows how to tap into your subconcious and lead you on a journey into total relaxation

  12. author
    jerry 6 months agoReply

    very relaxing, a masterpiece for sure

  13. author
    olivia b6 months agoReply

    i just got this for my dad who likes this kind of relaxing music

  14. author
    elnora 6 months agoReply

    Nice video, never heard of Terry Oldfield before, i like his music

  15. author
    jonathan b7 months agoReply

    I’d say dim down the lights, sit back and relax. Let the music flow around you, a truly relaxing experience

  16. author
    mary 7 months agoReply

    this album is perfect to read to. Terry Oldfield, like his brother, is a talented musician

  17. author
    Jose P.7 months agoReply

    Terry Oldfied really pushed the boundries with Out Of The Depths, a good album to relax to

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