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Taking the Long Way Album is by the Dixie Chicks, the American female music group.
Their seventh studio album was released on the 23rd of May 2006, in the United States and on the 12th of June the same year worldwide. The album had favourable reviews in the music press and was well received by fans of the group.
The Taking the Long Way album was their first studio album released since the controversy surrounding the anti-war and anti-president George W. Bush remarks made on the 10th of March in London by lead vocalist Natalie Maines.
The controversy came to the fore after Natalie said to the London audience during the group’s concert ” We don’t want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas. ” While the British audience gave a positive reaction, back home in the United States it caused an uproar.
The Dixie Chicks faced a boycott, talk shows denounced the group, and in a public protest their albums were discarded, they also face being blacklisted by broadcasting networks. This album is their reaction to the after effects of the now notorious remark.
The Taking the Long Way album went on to be a commercial success for the band. In the United States, it notched up sales of over 2.5m copies. As of the 11th of July 2007, the Recording Industry Association of America ( RIAA ) has certified it 2x Platinum.
Outside of the US, the Dixie Chicks’ seventh studio album also sold well. In Canada, sales are over 400,000, Australia 150,000, United Kingdom 100,000 and Ireland 15,000.
In addition to healthy sales, the album has also been awarded five Grammys, which included Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year for 2007.
The first single, ” Not Ready to Make Nice “, was released on the 5th of June 2006. The song was written by Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire, Emily Robison along with Dan Wilson, the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter.
The single remains the Dixie Chicks’ biggest US hit and to date, ” Not Ready to Make Nice “, is the band’s only song to make the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 and be certified Platinum. Lyrically, the song is about the controversy surrounding Natalie Maines remarks in London, although it has been written in such a way that it has a broader appeal.
The single became a chart success for the band. In the United States, it peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100, thirty-six on the Hot Country Songs, twenty-nine on Adult Top 40 and thirty-two on the Adult Contemporary Chart.
In the United Kingdom, the single reached number seventy on the UK Singles Chart. Other chart positions were Australia ( 18 ), Germany ( 89 ), Ireland ( 47 ), the Netherlands ( 77 ) and Sweden ( 20 ).
The Taking the Long Way album was commercially successful for the Dixie Chicks. In the United States, the album debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 and topped the Hot Country Albums and Top Digital Albums charts.
The album also reached the top of the albums chart in Canada and Sweden. In the United Kingdom, it peaked at number ten. The Dixie Chicks also took the album into the top ten in Austria, Germany, Ireland, Norway, New Zealand and Switzerland.

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About Dixie Chicks

The Dixie Chicks are an American all-female music group comprising of Martie Erwin Maguire, Emily Erwin Robison and Natalie Maines.
Formed in 1989 in Dallas, Texas, United States, they started their career as a foursome performing bluegrass and country music. After spending six years busking and playing the bluegrass festival circuit without attracting any interest from record labels, one member left, the lead vocalist was replaced, and they changed their style of music.
The Dixie Chicks found commercial success in 1998 with the singles ” There’s Your Trouble ” and ” Wide Open Spaces “.
Since then, the band have sold in the region of 30.5 million albums with sales of over 27.5 million in the United States alone.
The group has become one of the top selling all-female bands and one of the biggest-selling country groups in the US.

Taking the Long Way Album Track Listing:

1. The Long Way Around
2. Easy Silence
3. Not Ready to Make Nice
4. Everybody Knows
5. Bitter End
6. Lullaby
7. Lubbock or Leave It
8. Silent House
9. Favorite Year
10. Voice Inside My Head
11. I Like It
12. Baby Hold On
13. So Hard
14. I Hope

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  1. author
    Glen Logan4 weeks agoReply

    Something for everyone on here. The Dixie Chicks offer fans ballads along with more upbeat numbers

  2. author
    Daisy 4 weeks agoReply

    Originally got this for my aunt, I did give it a play first and liked it. It’s a mix of different styles

  3. author
    Edward 4 weeks agoReply

    My fav track is Bitter End

  4. author
    tyler jennings4 weeks agoReply

    Dixie Chicks got some bad press a while ago, good to see them still going. Good album this

  5. author
    Alma R.4 weeks agoReply

    Taking the Long Way is one of their better albums

  6. author
    marion k1 month agoReply

    Good album 10/10

  7. author
    Estella 5 months agoReply

    Modern country music is often dismissed by traditionalists, with taking the long way album the dixie chicks will please everyone

  8. author
    lida g5 months agoReply

    Some good tracks on this album, overall not one of the best country albums i have heard

  9. author
    emma h5 months agoReply

    i bought the long way album, felt let down by the mix of styles. country?

  10. author
    rose ballard5 months agoReply

    A materclass in what country music should be

  11. author
    Gary Brewer5 months agoReply

    i don’t listen to country music that often. But after hearing this on the radio i thought i’d buy it. The dixie chicks have made a class album here

  12. author
    Lelia Willis5 months agoReply

    i love the Dixie Chicks, good quality country music

  13. author
    Mary P5 months agoReply

    i was suprised by how good taking the long way album actually is, have to give this 10 out of 10

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